HELMeTO 2022

4th International Conference on Higher Education Learning Methodologies and Technologies Online

September 21-23, 2022
Palermo, Italy

Improving Education via Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Aim and Scope

Innovative immersive technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) are progressively expanding the boundaries of how we live, work and relate. Extended reality (XR) is an emerging umbrella term for all these immersive technologies. The potential of XR is amazing and can generate both economic and social benefits, opening up new business scenarios and fostering innovative user experiences. The main challenge of XR is an extension of the real world by merging the virtual and ‘real’, providing a fully immersive experience that perceives the surrounding reality in a different and enhanced way. XR experiences can be enriched by the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies, which have been shown to be capable of achieving incredible results in several tasks e.g. image recognition, question-answering, story-telling, image segmentation, clustering, prediction, and much more. Moreover, cutting-edge methodologies such as Graph Neural Networks allow the usage of Knowledge Graph, by giving the opportunity of inferring a huge amount of structured knowledge to AI models. In education, XR and AI can be mixed to improve the learning experience of a student. Such an approach is not limited to schools, but it can be used also by companies to make the training of employers more efficient. In every case, both XR and AI can improve the student/employer’s satisfaction which helps to achieve milestones; for what concerns schools, drop-out can be reduced, and the student’s appreciation can be increased. In the company’s context, XR and AI can support the acquisition of job-related competencies affecting positively the economy of the organization and stimulating productive processes.

The main objective of this special track is to discuss the state of the art of research on the application of the eXtended Reality (XR) in the educational context, and how cutting-edge AI methodologies can support XR to improve the student’s experience in several contexts such as schools, and companies. Moreover, it aims to bring together researchers in order to share views, impressions and experiences on the benefits and limitations in adoption of augmented, virtual, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence for education, as well as, to collect high quality papers addressing this research area.

Potential Scopes of Interest

  •  Immersive learning
  •  Supportive AI for developing XR Scenarios
  •  AI for Intelligent Tutoring
  • Knowledge Tracing
  • Motion Capture
  • Analysis of Knowledge Graph in education
  • Enhancing training course for employers
  • AR in educational and teaching
  • MR in education and teaching
  • VR in education and teaching


Marco Arrigo CNR Institute for Educational Technology, Italy
Daniele Schicchi, University of Palermo, Italy
Mariella Farella, Institute for Educational Technology/University of Palermo,  Italy

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