HELMeTO 2022

4th International Conference on Higher Education Learning Methodologies and Technologies Online

September 21-23, 2022
Palermo, Italy

Experience-based training activities for online higher education

Aim and Scope

The challenge for higher education is to train students’ practical knowledge through the close connection between the theoretical and experiential component of the programs, where the latter takes on a relevant and even essential role. The pandemic emergency has forced to adapt many higher education learning paths and, specifically, to find new solutions to make experience-based activities that have always been carried out in person in online and remote mode. Today, once the crisis has been overcome, significant experiences and studies remain which open up new possibilities for reading online practices. The main purposes of this special track are to share experiences and studies on adaptation and reconfiguration of experience-based training activities in online and distance modalities and stimulate the emergence of possible trends.

More specifically, the special track focuses on multi-level topics for higher education:
– pedagogical organizational models of courses having experience-based training activities
– operational solutions and new methodological choices;
– re-reading of the models of learning environments;
– planning the alternation of face-to-face and remote experience-based activities
– implementation of experience-based activities through online and digital resources
– assessment of students’ skills involved in remote experience-based activities
– monitoring of student participation in experiential-based activities in online mode
– effectiveness of the activities with respect to the objectives of the course
– potential and limitations of practical online training;
– exchange online practice: higher education, school, corporate training
– etc.


Potential Scopes of Interest

A special focus will be done on the monitoring of experience-based training activities in terms of students’ access and participation and support for learning objectives and processes. For this reason, the special track offers the opportunity to exchange investigation and experiences on how to integrate experience-based training activities into courses with respect to the quality and innovation of programs (university leadership, course managers, teachers open to innovation, student representatives).


Laura Sara Agrati, University of Bergamo, Italy
Marco Lazzari, University of Bergamo
Massimiliano Barattucci, University of Bergamo,
Federica Baroni, University of Bergamo, Italy

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